RoadRunner Documentation

The Roadrunner Simulation Engine is a C++ library for simulating and analysing systems of differential equations. Roadrunner was designed with performance as a priority and is an exceptionally fast simulator.

For the C API documentation, please find the doxygen generated webpage here:


  • Time Dependent Simulation (with optional conservation law reduction) using CVODE from the sundials suite.

  • Steady State evaluation using NLEQ2

  • Supports SBML Level 2 to 3 but currently excludes algebraic rules and delay differential equations

  • Uses latest libSBML distribution

  • Defaults to LLVM code generation on the backend, resulting is very fast simulation times

  • Optional generation of model C code and linking at run-time

  • Add plugins, distribution comes with Levenberg-Marquardt optimizer plugin

  • Supports Metabolic Control Analysis

  • Supports Frequency Domain Analysis

  • Additional Plugin API (C and C++)

  • APIs support fast access to model quantities

  • Access to other items such as:

  • Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

  • Jacobian, full and reduced

  • Structural Matrices of the stoichiometry matrix


todo link to figure comparing speed of roadrunner with other simulators. We want to sell it to people afterall.


For instructions on how to install roadrunner please see the installation section.

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