libRoadRunner User Guide

libRoadRunner Overview

This guide is intended as an introduction and reference of the RoadRunner SBML Simulation Engine. This guide will show the most important features and provides a complete API reference.

To get you started here is a very simple script that will load an example SBML model and run a time course simulation and plot the results:

import roadrunner

# load an SBML model
rr = roadrunner.RoadRunner("mymodel.xml")

# simulate from 0 to 10 time units with 100 output rows
result = rr.simulate(0,10,100)


Looking for a model to start with? We included a couple with libRoadRunner, see Loading Models.


The result is a standard numpy array which may be used with any numpy or scipy functions or may be plotted using matplotlib directly. See Plotting Data for help in plotting.

Now read the tutorials to learn more about the capabilities of RoadRunner.


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