RoadRunner Documentation

The Roadrunner Simulation Engine is a C++ library for simulating and analysing systems of differential equations. Roadrunner was designed with performance as a priority and is an exceptionally fast simulator.

For the C API documentation, please find the doxygen generated webpage here:


  • Time Dependent Simulation (with optional conservation law reduction) using CVODE from the sundials suite.

  • Steady State evaluation using NLEQ2

  • Supports SBML Level 2 to 3 but currently excludes algebraic rules and delay differential equations

  • Uses latest libSBML distribution

  • Defaults to LLVM code generation on the backend, resulting is very fast simulation times

  • Optional generation of model C code and linking at run-time

  • Add plugins, distribution comes with Levenberg-Marquardt optimizer plugin

  • Supports Metabolic Control Analysis

  • Supports Frequency Domain Analysis

  • Additional Plugin API (C and C++)

  • APIs support fast access to model quantities

  • Access to other items such as:

  • Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

  • Jacobian, full and reduced

  • Structural Matrices of the stoichiometry matrix


For instructions on how to install roadrunner please see the installation section.

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